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Welcome to the directory of free MCSE resources - "Certification Web Site Gold Mine" as named by Windows 2000 Magazine; ranked 8th in
"The Web's 10 best IT certification sites"

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MCSEDirectory contains more than 150 links to the best free MCSE resources available on the Web. They are divided into the following categories:
MCSE Practice Tests Free MCSE exams and tests, practice questions
MCSE Study Resources Free MCSE study guides and tutorials, exam crams, sites offering free online training.
Microsoft's MCSE Resources MCSE resources on the Microsoft site.
Win 2000/XP Resources Windows 2000 info, tools, tips and tricks, technical support notes.
Free IT Books Online Online libraries - books and reference materials. Read it for free!
Networking Networking technologies information: IP addressing, DNS, Network Protocols, Microsoft Exchange etc.
Personal MCSE Pages Personal pages with useful MCSE information.
Get MCSE Advice 24/7! MCSE related forums and newsgroups.

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